• Living on the hope and having a 30 years celebration!
    How can I celebrate an injury that has given me 30 years with constant pain?! It’s all about mindset, attitude, and the insight that it is my own choice how I handle it. Why wouldn’t I celebrate everything that injury has given me?
  • I finally found it!!!
    And the most important thing; I didn’t get any increased pain at all! I instantly fell in love with it during my first run!
  • Which is the most powerful tool in the world?
    Do you know which is the most powerful tool in the world?
  • Is it really possible to control the pain?
    But it is possible to control the pain. Is it easy? Well, you probably have to do some changes in your life to get there, and changes doesn’t always come easy. But is it worth it?! OH YES!!!
  • Science holds my back!
    YES!!! This is what I have known for most part of my life. Pain killers doesn’t help when you live with chronic pain! This is what I always have used and worked with. My mental training. My mindset. And this is actually what I have helped clients with for more than 20 years.