• My spark of life was gone
    It felt hopeless.Another back injury.The fourth one.I’ve stopped asking myself “Why me” several years ago, but I was still depressed that it happened to me one more time. I tried to do some training, but it just increased the pain in the neck and head.That furious pain.Even worse than migraine.It made me want to grab the ax to chop off …

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  • What would you do with a magic wand? 🪄
    hat would you do if you with a magic wand? I tell you what I would wish for. A pain-free life! I don’t have a magic wand. But I do know how to
  • Do you want to get stronger?
    Do you want to get more well-trained? Like really easy? Would you let someone else go to the gym for you?I guess you don’t; you know you have to do the work yourself.  So do you do work out for your brain? 🧠Maybe you even think that it’s not for you?! 😱 Let me tell you a story about my client, who …

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  • Living on the hope and having a 30 years celebration!
    How can I celebrate an injury that has given me 30 years with constant pain?! It’s all about mindset, attitude, and the insight that it is my own choice how I handle it. Why wouldn’t I celebrate everything that injury has given me?
  • I finally found it!!!
    And the most important thing; I didn’t get any increased pain at all! I instantly fell in love with it during my first run!